What We Do

We are about bringing the Power and Presence of Jesus into every aspect of our cities in order to bring true transformation. We believe this can only be done if we bring together everyone in our community: individuals, businesses, and ministries. Read more about our City Transformation Approach.

Seeing our cities transformed & impacted by love isn't just a nice idea, it's the will of God.

The core of city transformation is people desiring to live Godly lives. If we as believers can understand the power and authority that God has given each of us, we can have a greater impact wherever we go.


How We Do This


The start of city transformation begins with the His people living out the Great Commission: make disciples of all nations (Matt. 28:19). It is through this place of learning and living a Godly life in community with others that we build our ministry.

Launching Ministries

Our desire is to help come alongside those who have a desire to start a nonprofit whose mission is God-focused and have as their goal to improve the lives of those in our cities.


We want to see God in all areas of our cities. That’s why we partner with businesses and ministries who share

a heart to transform their cities. We’ve had amazing opportunities to partner with businesses and ministries in:

  • Evangelistic outreaches where we went door-to-door to share the Gospel
  • Community revitalization projects where we help clean up homes, neighborhoods, community properties and local businesses
  • Tent revivals where we help organize outreaches and worship/healing services

Our desire is to empower people to go after the calling God has given them. We host & partner with a variety of groups to put together trainings on topics like:

  • Evangelism – teaching practical tips on how to share the Gospel.
  • Discipleship – helping people understand God’s charge to us through the Great Commission.
  • Wealth Development – teaching God’s heart for wealth and practical tips on how to increase and manage money.

Want to Partner with us?

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