Our Statement of Faith

Awaken Ministries is a faith-based organization that believes and professes:

  • That God is a Trinity of persons namely, Father, Son and Holy Spirit who reveals himself to human beings for the purpose of saving us from sin and eternal death through His love and tender mercy in order to bring us into His own family.
  • That our Savior Jesus Christ has one body, the church, but that it is sadly divided by historical, political, ethnic, racial, theological, spiritual, and economic forces. However, we will not allow those divisions to prevent us from reaching out to those in need or from working together to carry out the mission of Christ.
  • The importance of living out our faith day to day by loving God and our neighbors.
  • The importance of loving our neighbor in practical, tangible ways through acts of mercy, kindness, and compassion and that doing God’s will most often mean doing “the duty of the moment.”
  • That being Christian means we have a responsibility to participate in the renewing of society by being salt and leaven, and working for just and fair living conditions for all members of society. We believe that a fundamental part of our Christian mission is to build “a civilization of love.”
  • That human life is sacred and all people regardless of their age, race, religion, or socioeconomic condition should be treated with love, respect, and compassion.
  • That the gifts of the Spirit are for today and that the miracle-working power of the Holy Spirit works in and through us to do signs and wonders to bring the kingdom of heaven to earth.
  • That there is power in prayer, power in God, and power in love to transform lives and communities.


It is not our desire to align ourselves with a particular denomination but to unite all Believers with the one common goal of city transformation.