The Wealthy Place Seminar 2018

We are excited at the opportunity to partner with the Dave Williams Ministries to bring you life changing information on God’s heart for gaining and managing wealth.

If you’re tired of living paycheck to paycheck and are looking for ways to create new wealth, then come on—team up with Dave Williams and our millionaire mentors for a terrific opportunity to receive step-by-step motivation.

Dave Williams1

Dr. Dave Williams

Award-Winning Best-selling author

Dave is a teacher, trainer, and author. He coaches church leaders, business leaders, and followers of Christ on how to live a pacesetting life. Dave served over 30 years as pastor of Mount Hope Church in Lansing, MI and developed The Art of Pacesetting Leadership course. His three-pronged approach—spiritual, attitudinal, and practical—has transformed people into extraordinarily successful leaders in every field of endeavor and has boosted the effectiveness of pastors, leaders, and high achievers.

Learn powerful strategies and unfailing Kingdom principles that will help you to create wealth. This seminar is designed to be an accelerated time of learning, growing, and receiving an impartation for wealth.

You’ll discover…

How to attract wealth…and stop pursuing it
How to avoid five big hindrances to wealth creation
The philosophy and biblical perspective of wealth
The three golden rules of success in any business
The practical side of genuine wealth
How to recognize the poverty spirit and get rid of it

A fresh, fun, and practical approach to discovering how to achieve financial security