Testimonies – Week of 6/8/2015

Testimony #1:
A great example of every day evangelism: Daniel was at gas station and went into the store to buy something. When he walked up to the cashier he noticed that it looked like she was in a lot of pain. After talking with her he learned that she had ripped half of her fingernail off and was in a lot of pain. He prayed for her hand for healing and for pain to leave…pain was instantly gone!! She was freaked out by what had happened but Daniel was able to use the situation to encourage her.

Testimony #2:
Daniel was asked to attend a small Bible Study group on Thursday to pray for someone who had growths on their lungs and thought it was cancer. Daniel had been to the group before and about a year ago had prayed for the same guy that had been diagnosed with cancer and had surgery scheduled to have the tumors removed. After receiving prayer he went to the doctors to have the surgery and found that all the tumors had disappeared! We are believing God for another miracle!

Testimony #3
Prayed for man that had a ringing in his ear for the past year ( he was a 7 on the scale, with 10 being completely unbearable) after prayer the pain was at a 1!

#4: Testimonies At a small outreach we did in Ypsilanti
– There was someone who came to help and it was their first time doing evangelism in 20 years, the first person they spoke with rededicated their life to the Lord
– A  guy received healing from a lot of pain in his foot.
– A woman had to use a walker to get around. She was completely healed and didn’t need to use the walker anymore!

Testimony #5: Evangelism Training, Tent Orientation, Jesus March
This was an amazing time and confirmation that God is in this Tent Revival! The presence of the Lord was so heavy that it caused people to weep. A woman received healing from back pain. We also spent some time going out to pray for people. Many of the people who came had never gone out to do evangelism before. During the outreach: 4 people were prayed the prayer of salvation and someone received healing for the pain they had in their foot!