November 2016 – January 2017 Update

November 18 & 19th: We held a two-day Wealth Development Seminar that challenged people in their perspectives about wealth and taught how to set up a business for success. We are looking forward to doing these on a greater scale through a partnership with Pastor Dave Williams, a retired Assemblies of God pastor, who has done these types of seminars for groups larger than 200 people.

January 6th: We partnered with Love Detroit for a 1-day, 24 hour prayer and outreach event. Two hundred  fourteen people were involved in praying and/or doing ministry.  We met at Midtown Church and did outreaches at the casino, Campus Marsh, the River Walk, strip clubs, in downtown Detroit and at coffee shops and strip malls on the outskirts of the city.  God did amazing things during this time:

The ministry team engaged with 232 people, of which we prayed for 143 of them.
21 people were healed
22 received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit
17 made decisions for Christ.
Four new partnerships with local pastors were developed

How amazing is God!! This laid a solid groundwork for the Love Detroit 24/7, two-week event in May.