Ministry Update 10-2021

Hello Supporter!

I want to say thank you for your prayers and financial support over the years. Your investment in Awaken Ministries has truly made an impact in community transformation, not just in Michigan, but also in Chicago, Minneapolis, and other cities. For those of you who may not have known, for much of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 I was on sabbatical recharging my relationship with the Lord, revisioning the next steps for Awaken Ministries, and strengthening the bond with my family. I am excited about what God has already begun and what He will continue to grow in this season. For more in-depth info on what’s been happening the past few months and where God is taking Awaken check out the video below…

As I mentioned in the above video, I had the opportunity to work with Pastor Cal Garcia of Auburn Hills Christian Center. I was so honored to be able to equip, empower, and inspire them with God’s heart for community transformation. As promised, here is one of the messages I gave while there:

This recording is of their whole service. Daniel starts preaching at the 42 min mark.

Serving the Community through The Church

God has placed on my heart to put more roots down in the community where I live. Together with my wife, we have planted a church called The Church, a community-based gathering that isn’t based on an organization or denomination, but a body of Believers that come together to impact the community and seek God for revival. Here are a few pictures of our outdoor service.

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Continuing to Support Love Chicago

I’m continuing to work with the Love Chicago team, by helping them establish a clear vision and empowering them to take ownership of the ministry. As my role has been shifting to more of a coach/consultant, it has been encouraging to see the local team take on more of the responsibilities.

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Love Chicago Team: Daniel, Stephen, Todd, Adrianna

The team has also continued the mission of partnering with local pastors to reach Chicago. It was a joy to be able to join them on a few of their outreaches.

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