Ministering in the Twin Cities

In response to the riots happening in Minneapolis, Love Twin Cities took to the streets to bring hope and the love of Jesus to their community. Since the death of George Floyd on May 26th, they have been ministering day and night to their community. Meanwhile, Daniel had been seeking God as to what his response should be to the injustices he saw and the hurt and anger felt by the community.

At the end of May, Daniel was contacted by the Love Twin Cities team to help lay a foundation that would enable them to launch 24/7/365 worship, prayer and outreach throughout their city, just as he had done in Chicago. He felt God’s calling to fly out to Minneapolis for a week of training and ministering. On June 6th Daniel left and hit the ground running as soon as he landed in Minneapolis.

During his time there, he saw an incredible outpouring of the Holy Spirit. He joined the Love Twin Cities team for events they hosted throughout the week, helping with evangelism. Through their efforts countless people were saved, healed and baptized! Also, Daniel began to work with them on setting up the processes that would lay a solid foundation for 24/7/365 worship, prayer and outreach.

How You Can Partner

If you are wanting to support what God is doing in the Twin Cities there are several ways you can do so:


You can financially support the mission of Love Twin Cities. We ask that you make sure you add a note that it is for the Twin Cities.


Keep updated as to what is going on in Twin Cities by following them on social media:

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If you are interested in volunteering in Minneapolis you can reach out to them online.