Love in the Midst of Evil

The largest gathering of satanic worshipers in history took place in Detroit on Saturday, July 25, and I [Daniel Jackson] was there.  You may think that’s a strange place for a pastor/evangelist to be, rubbing shoulders with hundreds of professed atheists and satanic believers. But God’s message was clear: “These are my children who are lost and deceived, and I want them back.” So with God’s sight, vision, and heart nine of us set out on an incredible adventure.

The event was cloaked in secrecy because of death threats and promised protests. We followed one tip after another attempting to find the unveiling event of the goat-headed satanic statue, but after five hours we were at a dead end. We received yet another tip and decided to exhaust at least this lead before calling off the hunt. We knew we hit pay dirt when we saw a man sporting horns, covered in satanic symbols, and introducing himself as the devil.  It was 1 a.m. but we were energized. Brittni Johnson, part of our small but power-infused group, recalls her initial reaction.

“When I walked up to the gathering, I felt super sick because of the heaviness of the demonic activity, but once I started talking to people, the weight was lifted. I had a strange sense of joy and peace,” Brittni said. “At first glance you would expect to feel fear and intimidation, but I didn’t“

While there were some who ridiculed us, most were wooed by God.  A man who initially mocked us, tested our faith by asking for cab fare. We extended the money we had on hand and then sensing our sincerity told us to instead give the money to the homeless. We ended by shaking hands, and he stated, “You’re really a good man.”

Our offers to pray with the individuals milling around the satanic temple resulted in two diverted suicides and several healings.  Every word spoken, every prayer prayed was given to us by God.  How else would we be given “permission” to pray with the founder of the St. Louis chapter of the Satanic Temple? Only through the prophetic and powerful spirit of God.

Saturday night we entered the bowels of a satanic cesspool armed with God’s most powerful weapon. Love.

In Christ,

Other Testimonies:
Daniel had the privilege of praying for the High Priest of the Satanic Temple in Louisiana and his wife. It was only by God that they were both open to receiving prayer!
Another High Priest complimented one of our team members by telling us that if Jesus were to come to the event He would look exactly like the people in our team. What an impact that being a reflection of Christ can make!