Launched Ministries

We understand that one ministry doesn’t have the ability to reach all the needs of a community. We are excited about the ministries that we’ve been able to partner with and help launch.

We were excited to help launch Love Detroit 24/7 in 2016. This ministry is dedicated to connecting with churches and individuals who are passionate about seeing Detroit transformed. They help support local church outreach efforts as well as host their own outreaches with the focus on reaching those with need. Every year they put together a city-wide outreach with 24/7 prayer, worship and outreach. In April 2016, their first week-long event was a huge success with:

1,626 People Prayed with | 146 People Healed | 114+ People Filled with the Holy Spirit | 44+ People Rededicated Their Lives | 55+ People Made Decisions for Christ

Visit the Love Detroit website for more information on their ministry.

In 2017 God began to speak to Daniel, our Executive Director, about the great need the city of Chicago has for Presence of God. Over several visits to the city, God’s voice became a burden of Daniel’s heart and through several God-divine connections, he was able to connect with the Chicago House of Prayer. Out of this connection, God developed the core team for the Love Chicago initiative.

We are excited that this August we will be doing 1 week of 24/7 prayer, worship and outreach.

Visit the Love Chicago website for more information on their ministry.

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