June – July 2017

Love Chicago – One Step Closer:

The Love Chicago team was able to attend the last day of the Love Detroit event last month. At the event we were able to pray and commission them for the work they will be doing in Chicago. We are excited that the the Love Chicago initiative has been scheduled for the first week in October 2018 with a precursor one-day event in early spring. Daniel will begin working with them to help establish connections with local churches.

Awaken Dearborn – 40 Days of prayer and outreaches in Dearborn:

The month of June was spent focusing on Dearborn, a place that desperately needs the Presence of God. We were able to again partner with First Assembly of God Dearborn Heights for 40-day outreach. Every night we did a revival service and did evangelism outreaches in the community. During the 40 days we have 20 people make decisions for Christ, a number of miracles every night from headaches being relieved to lifelong ailments being healed!

What is even more exciting is the effect of the 40 Days in Dearborn has had on Pastor Bret and his church. By the end of the event Pastor Bret had a renewed love for his community and an increase commitment to sharing the Gospel. These 40 days laid the foundation for Awaken Dearborn, an ongoing initiative to show the love of God and bring His presence into the community. He is determined to do evangelism with his church every Saturday as well as do more revival services.
Visit our blog, (June Update) to learn more about what happened.

Our heart is for more pastors across Michigan to capture the heart of God like Pastor Bret has. It is through people, like Pastor Bret, that we will see our cities transformed! Below is a video from P. Bret sharing his experience.

Here are a few testimonies from the event:

  • While doing an outreach at a restaurant a worker’s knees and shoulder were healed. When we returned the next day the manager approached us, already having heard what happened to his worker, he was excited about what had happened and took flyers of the event to pass out.
  • At an outreach in Fairlane Mall we saw 8 people give their lives to the Lord in a span of one hour!
  • An Iraqi older man had a knee completely healed.
  • An older woman, struggling with her hemoglobin level because she couldn’t produce enough red blood cells, had her level go up.

Detroit Clean Up with K.O.A. Rock Organization

We were able to partner with KOA in Detroit on Saturday, July 8th to help clean up an abandoned house.