Discipleship Bootcamp

Empowering every Believer to personally know the Gospel, to preach it, and to make disciples!

Jesus commands us in Mark chapter 16 to “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel…” and Matthew reiterates this statement in chapter 28 where he quotes Jesus saying, “Go and make disciples of all nations…” So as we look at what Jesus commanded us, allow me to ask you the question, “How are you doing in preaching the Gospel to all the world and making disciples of all nations?” If we are brutally honest, most believers really struggle in this, not because they don’t want to see others come to know Jesus, but usually because we haven’t felt confident to know how to step out and engage others in this way.


Aug 13, 2023 – Nov 4th, 2023
First Session is at 5:30 PM


Online: ZOOM
In Person:  The Carpenters House: 2810 Packard St, Ypsilanti, MI 48197


Free, Donations Welcomed

What to Expect?

We are thrilled that you are looking into what our Discipleship Bootcamp involves. We have seen that those who know what to expect and commit to all 5 components of this Bootcamp are also the ones who experience the most personal transformation and fruitfulness in and through their lives.

Laid out below is what you can expect, as we share our vision for what you will receive from this course, a brief overview of what this course entails, and an estimated timeframe of what it will take to complete all 3 modules.

The Bootcamp Nuts & Bolts:

Each module will be 4 weeks long, 12 weeks to finish the course.

Module 1:
Knowing the Gospel

Module 2:
Walking with Others

Module 3:
Making Disciples that Make Disciples

Each of these modules will include the following 5 Components
Minimum 5 hours weekly commitment


Intentional personal growth in the Gospel and in your relationship with God

Time Commitment: you determine this for yourself daily

Main Session

Weekly connection for the whole class to share testimonies, ask questions to clarify content, overcome obstacles, and to help each other towards growth in this process, from theory to practice to maturity.

Time Commitment: 90 min weekly

Content & Application

Online teaching videos & weekly assignments to help apply the content and put feet to what is being learned.

Time Commitment: 60 min & Application weekly: 60 min or more if desired.


Weekly connection with a trained coach to empower you forward in your goals from Evangelism to Discipleship.

Time Commitment: 30 mins weekly

Small Groups

Weekly Mastermind/Think Tank groups with peers to encourage you and help you on your journey to create a lifestyle on mission.

Time Commitment: 50 mins weekly

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Our vision in this Discipleship Bootcamp is to help you, to empower every believer to personally know the Gospel, to preach it, and to make disciples. We invite you to let us come alongside you on your journey, to be fruitful and to multiply!

Aug 13, 2023 – Nov 4th, 2023  |  Learn What to Expect

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