Together we can bring revival to Detroit!


What it is About

Detroit is in desperate need of radical transformation. After decades of high crime, corrupt politicians, and an atmosphere of devastation that has covered the city there are the beginnings of a rebirth happening throughout the city. God is answering the prayers of those who have been contending for a shift in the atmosphere of Detroit. For years people have been crying out to God for restoration to come and we can see that begin to happen.

To further the work God is doing, we believe that He is calling the people of Detroit to join together for 24 / 365 prayer, worship, and outreach throughout the city. Through the Detroit 365 Initiative, we work to join together churches, ministries and individuals throughout the city who are committed to seeing revival in Detroit.


How You Can Be A Part

Prayer Times

We need individuals and ministries who are willing to host 2-hour weekly or bi-weekly prayer times in a place where it can be open to the public. You can meet at your home, church, business or local community center, or set up a Prayer Call, as long as it is accessible to the general public to join.

We ask that anyone who is wanting to join make a 3 month, 6 month, 1 year commitment and agree to us advertising your prayer time on our website and through social media.


We are looking for people or ministries who are interested in leading outreaches for 1-2 hours either weekly or bi-weekly in the Detroit area. These outreaches can be anything from prayer walks to feeding the homeless, to community picnics and more. If your church/group already has outreaches scheduled, we’d love to partner with you to include these outreaches in our ministry vision. We ask that all outreaches include a time of sharing the Gospel and offering prayer for people. 

We ask that anyone wanting to jump on board would be willing to facilitate these outreaches consistently by making a 3 month, 6 month, or 1-year commitment. Awaken Ministries would advertise your outreaches on our website and via social media to ensure the Detroit public hears about these amazing ministry opportunities!

Want to Partner with us?

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