Our City Transformation Approach

We believe that in order for our cities to be truly transformed we need to impact every area of the city, from the people to the environment, and the businesses. We have identified 4 strategic areas that need to be influenced in order to see true transformation:


Reaching those living in the city is the foundation of the approach; it is living out God’s calling on our lives: to reach the lost, heal the sick, make disciples and baptize

those who make a decision to follow Christ. It is essential to the Gospel that we don’t stop just at evangelism but also fulfill God’s entire command of making disciples; this is why it is essential to do more than just outreaches. We need to develop strategies and systems that walk with people from accepting Christ to becoming a disciple.


We need to be a positive influence in our cities and care not only for its people but also its development. This is done by involving ourselves in city cleanup or revitalization initiatives, teaching owners how to run their businesses in a Godly manner, empowering those believers who want to be entrepreneurs, etc.

Elimination of Systemic Poverty

Our heart is to break the cycle of systemic poverty that exists in our cities. We believe that the elimination of poverty is essential to the Gospel message. In the early church, as outlined in the Book of Acts, there was no one in need within the body of Christ. This is the true heart of Christ and what we need to strive for. How can we expect one to understand the goodness of God when all they are experiencing around them is lack?

There are four types of Systemic Poverty: spiritual, relational, motivational, and material. Most people equate poverty to the lack of material possessions or money, but poverty extends past that. It is God’s heart to address poverty in all its facets because it is only then that a person will be able to break the cycle of systemic poverty in their life.

Calling & Legacy

A city’s potential won’t be reached until we as individuals reach our potential. We want to help people discover the calling God has on their lives and offer as much support as possible as they go after their callings.

Awaken Ministries