How it all Began

The passion of Awaken Ministries was birthed in Daniel Jackson, our Executive Director, over 11 years ago as he traveled all over the US and the world. Throughout his travels, he saw the lack of empowerment of the church to properly train people to reach their communities.

In 2014 God gave Daniel the vision to start a ministry whose purpose was to equip and empower the Body of Christ to walk out the calling that God has given us all to seek and save those who are lost. Through walking out our calling our cities will be transformed.

Now, by partnering with individuals, organizations, and businesses we are putting feet to the vision and seeing people and communities transformed.

What if the body of Christ came together with one heart, one vision to reach our cities?

 Transforming People

Transformation starts with people! It takes people with a desire to engage their communities to see a transformation. What if everyone walked in the calling that God has given us all: to seek and save the lost?

 Transforming Cities

We believe that in order to truly transform a city all aspects of the city need to be reached: government, financial, businesses, etc. Our heart is to empower the people within the community to “be Jesus“ in their workplace, with their neighbors and in their daily lives as they live in their communities.

 Transforming the World

We believe that city transformation will spread like wildfire across the US and beyond. There are already people who are starting city-wide initiatives in major cities all over the US: Detroit, Twin Cities, Los Angeles, Dallas, etc. We want to take the transforming power of Jesus across the globe!


Our Vision


Our Values

The mission of the church is to glorify God by making disciples
through the gospel of Jesus Christ. God’s mission and the mission
of His Church are inseparably linked.


Our whole ministry is a walk of faith.  Everything God calls us to do requires faith.  Believing in God and His promises gives us the confidence to step into what He has for us.


Whenever we look at a problem or situation, we do so with hope whether for an individual or community.  We believe that God always has a solution and we have an expectation for good no matter the circumstance.   We not only have hope but want to impart hope.


We celebrate taking risks as God leads and inspires.  There is no fear of failure.


It is important that we have fun together.  The joy of the Lord is our strength.


We want to have a culture of honor, showing honor and respect to all individuals and groups and demonstrating our love and care for people regardless of any areas of disagreement.  We want people to experience our love, care, and respect.  There is a grace in coming alongside people in this way that protects relationships, gives life and enables us to have Godly influence.


Without humility we will never fulfill God’s calling for us or arrive at the places God wants to take us.  God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble.  Humility will propel us into greater spheres of influence.  We want to be teachable, correctable, moldable and comfortable, recognizing that we are in a continual process of learning how to do things better.


There is much diversity in the Body of Christ.  We want to appreciate and celebrate the diversity as all denominations have something we can learn from and grow from.  We want to “look for the gold”  in each group.  We recognize that there is more than one way to do something and have Biblical examples of how God uses different types of leaders and prophets to bring about a transformation of individuals or nations.  Embracing the diversity will help us build healthy and meaningful relationships.


We strive to be people of good character.  If we say we are going to do something, we follow through.

We are so blessed by those who are willing to serve Awaken Ministries. We have an amazing staff & many volunteers and board members who have a heart to see our cities transformed.


Our Team

Our Staff

I founded Awaken Ministries because I have a passion to see every person and every aspect of our communities and cities transformed and made whole. I also have a strong desire to be part of a movement that is dedicated to the transformation development and advancement of our local communities and cities to the Glory of God.

Our Board

Todd Olsen


Jeff Mauck


Robert Wood


Audrey Guiliano


Marge VanMeter


Cathy Robinson



Ministry Testimonies

We have the honor and privilege of partnering with several ministries to help transform our cities. Here are a few of the amazing ministries that we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with.

I can’t express HOW GRATEFUL I AM for Awaken Ministries!! The heart and passion brought, with practical and dependable ministry, has added countless encouragement and vision to the students I lead! I run a Christian college organization on a secular university (Eastern Michigan University) and in just the first teaching seminar and activation that was led here, we saw triple the amount of students saved in outreach. We have continued to have Daniel come and equip and each time, God uses this ministry to birth confidence and courage into the hearts of our students to reach out further than they ever have before! This past weekend, one of our students took to the streets of Ypsilanti and lived among the homeless for a weekend and reached out to share the love of Jesus… This is radical living to see transformation!

Pastor Sarah Jackson
Director, University Christian Fellowship

We just want to thank and honor Daniel and the entire Awaken team for everything they did during Love Detroit. They came alongside us early on when we just had passion and a vision. They always served joyfully, and even though we are newbies at events like this, they worked with us and helped us grow at our own pace, always with confidence that the vision would come to fruition. They didn’t just come serve as outsiders serving our vision, but they became Love Detroit. They accepted it as their own and became family, and for that we are truly thankful.
~ Aaron Jackson & the Love Detroit Team

It has been a blessing to House On The Rock Church to have Daniel Jackson come in and teach Evangelism classes to our congregation these past couple of months.
Not only has Daniel sparked what has been in my heart for our church but also has demonstrated how to simply press into the supernatural when reaching out to the lost by taking our class out to the street to put what they learned into practice!
Daniel has such an easy and uncomplicated way of touching those who desperately need to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  He also has a way of teaching street evangelism that is easy and non threatening to “catch.”
Daniel is a blessing to us and I will continue to have him back in our church to keep fanning the flame of reaching http://www.freecast.org/ the lost here in our community. It is a privilege to partner with him in what he is doing for the Kingdom and I wholeheartedly endorse his ministry.
Pastor Mike Gonyer
House On The Rock Church

We have had the privilege of partnering with Daniel Jackson and Awaken Ministries for several events. Daniel has taught several classes on evangelism which has really impacted our church. We’ve noticed a renewed passion from those in our church to reach our community. We are determined to evangelism on a regular basis and do more revival services.

Awaken Ministries